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All About Cotton: Marketing & Uses

Posted by Admin on June, 11, 2020

Cotton users are almost everywhere in this world. The popularity of this material has spread over all boundaries of the globe. But many few of us actually know how cotton is produced, ginned, marketed and used. Yes, clothes are not the only use of cottons. There are other areas where cotton is quite essential.

Ginning & Marketing:

Today, almost the entire amount of cotton produced is stored by diving into modules. The look of this takes a loaf of bread but in giant size. Separation of the modules let the cotton to get stored without losing its quality before ginning. The cotton seeds are collected directly from the field using a particularly designed truck and then moved to gin.
In today’s time, gins use the modules inside the module feeders, which is a modern machine used to feed the modules. Some of module feeders include stationary heads. And, in this case, modules are moved by giant-sized conveyors into the module feeder. Other than these module feeders are operated by self-propelling.

A module feeder exactly breaks all the modules away from each other and feeds the cotton seed into the gin. Some gins use strong pipes which suck the cotton to form the building of gins. After the seed cotton comes inside the cotton gin they are moved using dryers and cleaning machines to eliminate the waste of gins such leafs, stems, burs and dirt of the cotton. Finally, it moves towards the gin stand where circular saws pluck the seed fiber.

After ginning is done, seed cotton and fiber cotton move in two separate directions. The ginned fiber is now officially called lint. The lint is now pressed together to make thick balls and each of them weigh about 500 lbs. Now, to fix the value of the cotton fibre, experts take samples from all the cotton bales and those are classified on the basis of strength, length, cleanness, colour and micronaire of the bales. A cotton bales manufacturer in Gujarat usually sells the products to any local merchant who sells it to the textile mills. Actually the producer sells the cotton seed to the gin. The ginner then sells it to an oil mill. The manufacturer bales the linter and then sells to their clients from plastic and batting industries. And, the cotton seed is used for processing into hulls, meal and cottonseed oil.

Major use of cotton:

The textile mills of the country use millions of cotton bales every year. A cotton bales manufacturer in Visnagar has to supply a huge quantity of bales to their industry clients every year. Among this huge supply of bales, almost 57% is used to prepare apparels, more than 33% is used in home furnishings and almost 10% is used to prepare various industrial goods.
Today the use of cotton bales has increased from 33% to 60% in the home furnishing and retail clothing. Cotton is used to prepare almost every type of clothing such as the foundation garments, jackets, etc. Though men wear more cotton clothes than women!

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